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Being in the truck insurance industry for more than 25 years, our knowledgeable transportation advisors and customer service representatives have a thorough understanding of the transportation industry.

At Peoples Insurance Agency, our goal is to minimize your insurance cost, while providing you with an insurance package tailored specifically to your needs.

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with and access to multiple insurance carriers, which allows us to search the market and obtain the coverage you need at an affordable price. We are licensed to provide transportation insurance for all sized carriers including owner-operators in 47 states. The truck insurance industry is rapidly changing, and so are we. You can depend on us to keep you up to speed with the changing industry and provide you with the comfort of knowing you are protected.

Our agency’s future depends on how well we take care of each of our customers. Our motto is to take a day at a time, a customer at a time, a policy at a time. We strive for excellence in all we do.

Coverages Offered


Primary liability coverage pays for damage or injuries to others caused by an accident for which the covered driver is responsible. A minimum of $750,000 coverage is normally required for most vehicles over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. However, we recommend protecting yourself and your drivers with at least $1,000,000 or more, which is more in line with industry standards.


Protection required under the Motor Carrier Act of 1935. The policy covers the motor truck carrier if it is legally liable for the damage, destruction, or other loss of the customer’s property being shipped. This includes lost packages, broken contents, and stolen articles.

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Physical Damage coverage protects your tractor, trailer, and other covered equipment in the event of an accident.


Coverage for an insured when negligent acts and/or omissions result in bodily injury and/or property damage on the premises of a business, when someone is injured as the result of using the product manufactured or distributed by a business, or when someone is injured in the general operation of a business.

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Coverage of a common carrier for liability on trucks that have delivered their cargo and are on the way back to the terminal. The company that hires the truck assumes liability while the truck is loaded, but after delivery, that firm’s liability ends. The carrier can be protected by bobtail liability coverage for the return trip.

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Owner-operators are, in many cases, not covered under state workers’ compensation laws. Occupational Accident insurance provides coverage for owner-operators when they are accidentally injured while under dispatch by a motor carrier. This coverage normally provides some combination of medical, accidental death and dismemberment, and disability benefits for job-related injuries. Additional benefits may be available.


Financial support system established under law to provide income, medical care, and rehabilitation to employees for illness, injury, or death arising out of, and in the course of, their employment whether or not the employee was at fault. These benefits are claimed by the employees (or their dependents) as a matter of right and the employer cannot resort to any legal defense. Amount paid as compensation is based on the salary of the employee (also on the number of his or her dependents in some jurisdictions) and is usually subject to a specified maximum. In most countries, this system is compulsory although agricultural and domestic workers are generally excluded. Also called workmen’s compensation.

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